Being part of the team, but standing out from the crowd could make all the difference – and here at Go Soccer College USA, we’re here to help you find a men’s soccer scholarship (US) so that you can travel overseas and have a wonderful experience.

The pages of our site provide access to lots of information about obtaining a soccer scholarship in the United States and this page is dedicated to men’s Football College Scholarships in the USA which can open up a whole new and exciting world – and we’re here to guide you on your way.

Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and there are currently around 1,000 men’s football “soccer” college programs competing within three sporting bodies; The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA). Many of these college programs actively attract international students by offering both women’s and men’s soccer scholarships to both improve the skills of ‘home-grown’ players and increase the college’s own reputation, which in turn attracts more students both locally, nationally and internationally.

The standard of play is extremely high with the most talented young soccer players from all over the United States competing alongside international students from recognised soccer playing nations including Brazil, Germany, Australia and many more besides.

With so many colleges playing soccer across such a large country as the USA, you could find yourself playing in the warm southern states of Florida, Texas or California. Perhaps, or the cooler Northern states of New York, Washington or the Dakotas might be more to your taste. Either way, by gaining a scholarship place on one of the many men’s football college programs in the USA, you will experience a completely different way of life that will only improve you as both an athlete and as a person.

Each soccer coach for men’s football college scholarship programs will be scouting for different types of players with individual skills and abilities, and the squad is rebuilt over a two or four year period as players graduate, so each Head Coach will be looking to fill different positions at different times during the cycle and maximising the value of their soccer scholarship funds with players who can make a positive and significant impact to their squad.

Men’s Soccer Scholarship US – you could be just what they’re looking for!

Our men’s soccer scholarship placement team, based both here in the UK and in the US, will help you build your player portfolio and promote your sporting and academic abilities to the Colleges and Universities that are best suited to your sporting and educational development – hopefully helping you to win a place on one of the men’s football college scholarships the USA offers.

The bad news about men’s soccer scholarships in the US

When it comes to men’s football college scholarships, US coaches recruit students with good academic grades (in fact scholarship funding can be gained from your academic abilities) so classroom commitment is very important. No grade…no play!
But if you’re a talented athlete who has the ability or potential to train and compete at a high standard, if you have a good sporting background, are interested in continuing your education and fully committed to soccer, you are definitely what we’re looking for. Complete the ‘find out more’ section and one of our men’s soccer scholarship placement team will be in touch.

Go Soccer College US – committed to helping you find the best men’s soccer scholarship US-wide and men’s football college scholarships in the USA.


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