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We are a specialist recruitment company, helping Soccer players just like, YOU   use your passion and skill for football to obtain US Soccer Scholarships at colleges and Universities all over America.


Liam Smallwood –  Freshman August 2012 – University of Mary – North Dakota

“When I spoke with Go Soccer College USA, I was on crutches recovering from a broken leg. My parents had already paid £1,000 to a different company to find me a soccer scholarship. The other company had made it clear that I would be unlikely to win a place that year. I was devastated, but Go Soccer said they thought they could help me if I was prepared to work with them to build a player profile that they could use to promote me to their coaching contacts. A few weeks later, I received a couple of offers of scholarship. The one that stood out for me was a 65% scholarship at the University of Mary in North Dakota. Why, because I would be taking up the place with two of my team mates from York College back in England?"


Adam Knight – Freshman August 2013 – Hastings College – Nebraska

“I first heard about ‘Go Soccer College USA’ when they came into my college in England to do a presentation about going over to USA to play football and study.

After hearing about it I signed up straight away because I knew this what I wanted to do. Thanks to the hard work of Go Soccer, I had coaches contact me from the US and received 5 college offers in total. Go Soccer helped me choose the right offer that was available and they spoke to the coaches and guided me through the process of getting a visa and registering for my chosen college. They were always on the phone to me helping me in any way possible so that I could get the paperwork complete.

While I’ve been over in America they’ve always contact me to see how I am going and if everything’s going well”.


Palisa Chipendo (Pele) - Freshman August 2013 - Coffeyville Community College - Kansas

"Having spent 2 years in the futsal program at Brighton & Hove Albion in the Community, I planned to spend the summer coaching soccer in the USA. Instead with the help of the team at Go Soccer College USA, I’ve enrolled on a soccer scholarship at Coffeyville Community College in Kansas USA and I love it. I can’t believe some of the experiences I’ve had already and I hope to spend the next two years here doing what I do best (playing soccer), having a great time and earning a degree education. After that, who knows….. If you have the chance of trying for a soccer scholarship, you should go for it. I did!!"

Lauren Thorpe - Freshman Aug 2014 - Herkimer County Community College - New York

"It's the best experience I've ever had, don't get me wrong it's been hard work balancing soccer, school work and of course the social life but it is beyond worth it, especially knowing I was part of a team that did the best this college has ever had, with winning Regionals, Mountain Valley Conference and coming 3rd in nationals.

The friends I've made, I know are going to be with always, all the teachers are incredibly supportive and actually care about every student, and if you’re a student-athlete they work around your schedule to make sure you do the best you can



Ryan Montgomery - Freshman Aug 2014 - Northwest College - Wyoming

"My US college experience so far has been amazing, studying and playing out here has been a dream come true! Being a student athlete here in the US is absolutely amazing. I can recommend Go Soccer College USA because they helped me every step of the way, helped me decide which college to pick and got me here. Best decision I've ever made."




Millie Shaw - Freshman Aug 2015 - Limestone College - South Carolina

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Millie and let you know how she is getting on.

I had not realised that they would play so many games in a week. Millie seems to be really enjoying life at Limestone, they appear to be well looked after, like a large extended family. Millie is doing well with lessons and is enjoying them, she's also enjoying the football and if you've been following them, you'll know they are doing really well.

The only problem I have is when watching the games on the live video links, is the commentating, I just cannot get used to their terminology, for example a fee kick is called a serve!! I wasn't aware I was watching tennis!

Once again thanks for all your help and advice in the run up to getting Millie to the  US.

Kind regards

Lesley Shaw (Millie's Mum)



James Morris - Freshman Aug 2014 - Culver-Stockton College - Missouri

"Just like to say a big thanks for sorting everything out throughout the whole process and been there if I had any questions or needed anything sorting out, I appreciate it! I wasn't really knowing what to expect before I came out here and I was pretty nervous, especially when u saw the huge amount of player’s coach Ordell had recruited, but I loved it straight away and managed to establish myself as the starting centre back. I played and started in every game of the season and scored 1 goal against Graceland College. I made the HAAC all-conference team as well as winning defensive MVP which was voted by the whole team.

Culver- Stockton has been the perfect fit for me on and off the field and I would recommend coming over to the USA to anyone." 








Joseph Stephenson - Freshman Aug 2014 - Anoka Ramsay Community College - Minnesota

"Just want to say that it's a great opportunity over here. The soccer so far has been great. It's really incredible to be involved in a team that genuinely believes it can achieve something this year. Off the field life is great. The food is incredible, the people are just so friendly and there is always something to do." 







Serge Hermann - Graduate

"Playing College soccer in the USA has been an amazing experience for me. I have made some great friends, played to a very high standard, had a fantastic time and got myself a degree . I can highly recommend it and Go Soccer Thanks! I couldn't have done it without you guys" 







Welcome to Go Soccer College USA

 We are a specialist recruitment and consultancy company, that helps Soccer players just like YOU use your passion and skill for football to obtain US soccer scholarships at colleges and Universities all over America.


Adam Knight - Senior - Hastings College, NE

“I first heard about ‘Go Soccer College USA’ when they came into my college in England to do a presentation about going over to USA to play football and study.

After hearing about it I signed up straight away because I knew.....