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US Soccer ScholarshipsGo Soccer College USA are here to help you access the best possible US soccer scholarships, giving you an amazing opportunity to live your dream of playing college ‘soccer’ in the United States of America. If you’re a student at High school, sixth form or college (or perhaps have recently graduated), and are playing football to a good standard, then the chance of a lifetime through US Soccer Scholarships at an American College or University might just be what you are looking for. You can continue your education to obtain a degree and experience a whole new world filled with opportunity.

Our aim is simple: matching talented male & female players with US soccer scholarships.

US Soccer ScholarshipsIt’s our aim to help talented football players just like you to use their passion and skill for football to obtain US soccer scholarships at colleges and Universities all over America. Just imagine spending the next few years playing soccer and studying in the sunshine of Florida, Texas or California. Maybe you would prefer living in one of the USA’s great cities, like Dallas, New York, LA or Chicago. Whichever you’re looking for, our soccer scholarship placement team will look to secure an offer which exactly fits your skills, abilities and ambitions. The College and University system in America offers world class sporting facilities as well as a fantastic education program which is recognised by employers all over the world. You’ll improve as a soccer player and as a person. Our scholarship placement team can access:-

  • Full US soccer scholarships
  • Partial US soccer scholarships
  • Placements for year 1 with an opportunity for US soccer scholarships in later years

Our placement teams based in both the UK and America will work with our extensive network of College and University coaches to find you a US soccer scholarship place that best suits your academic and sporting abilities. With the increasing costs of attending University in the United Kingdom to as much as £9,000 per year, athletic scholarships in America can provide a competitive alternative to obtaining a student loan. With so many opportunities available for talented young soccer players in the USA you could be a step nearer to becoming a professional athlete or a sports coach! Either way, having an internationally recognised ‘Associate’ or ‘Bachelors’ degree on your CV, will definitely boost your career ambitions.

If you think a US soccer scholarship might be for you, have a look at our GREAT Student Athlete package:-

Go Soccer ‘Elite’ – Gives you access to the experience and expertise of our Student Athlete placement team. Working with you, your dedicated Go Soccer College USA placement officer will promote your soccer skills to our network of College Soccer Coaches in the US to find a college place that fits your skills and abilities. TELL ME MORE ABOUT Go Soccer ‘ELITE’ Alternatively, if you want to know more about Go Soccer College USA  ‘fill in the “find out more” section on the top right hand corner of this page and one of our scholarship placement team will be in touch Just imagine…a US soccer scholarship – it might just be the best thing you ever do!US Soccer Scholarships